Travel guide: Savannah Georgia

Savannah, Georgia is one of the best travel destinations! Here are my favorite places in Savannah!


 Savannah city market:

 Savannah City Market is four block outdoor market that has been ran since the early 1700’s. In the early 1700’s it was Savannah’s central market place for people to trade, shop for groceries and mingle with other community members. The market is now home to many restaurants, gift shops and bars. 

 ( 219 w Bryan st Savannah, Georgia)

Telfair Museum:

The Telfair museum is home to some beautiful art as well as the iconic “bird girl” statue seen in the movie “Midnight In the Garden Of Good and Evil”

(207 w Yorke st Savannah, Georgia)

The Sorrel Weed House

 During the day they offer architecture tours, and during the night they offer ghost tours because of the home’s disturbing past.

 (6 w Harris st Savannah, Georgia) 

The Owen Thomas house:

Take an architecture tour of an old Savannah Mansion.

( 124 Abercorn St Savannah, Georgia)

Forysth Park:

 Savannah’s most beautiful park is home to very pretty historic fountain. It was also used as one of the sites used in the filming of the movie “Midnight In the Garden of Good and Evil”.

 Drayton and Gaston st Savannah, Georgia 

Alex Ruskin Antiques:

Located inside a decaying old mansion, Has this shop is home to antique furniture, lighting fixtures and other accessories. Even if you don’t find anything to take home with you it’s neat to browse around and look at the vintage furniture and architecture of the building.

441 bull st Savannah, Georgia 


Savannah is home to two historic cemeteries:

Colonial park cemetery is located in the historic district and easier to get to.

200 Abercorn st Savannah, Georgia

Bonaventure cemetery 

Bonaventure is located outside of the historic district. But it is only a short drive or uber away.

330 bonaventure rd Thunderbolt, Georgia 

E-shavers bookstore:

Browse for books in this old book store while hanging out with cats! 

 326 Bull St  Savannah, GA

Take a trolley tour:

Even if you have been to Savannah it is still interesting to take tour! I love to hear stories of Savannah’s past! Also you’ll always find some place new on every tour!

River Street:

Take a stroll on Savannah’s historic cobblestone lined River Street! Located on the river, River street is home to 75 boutiques, restaurants and bars housed in old cotton warehouses. I would recommend not driving on River Street as the street is made up of old cobblestone it would not be good for your tires.

Shopping on Broughton Street

Broughton Street is a great place for shopping! It is home to many shops! Many well  known retailers such as Urban Outfitters, Bluemercury, H&M, Banana Republic and many more have a location on Broughton Street! But Broughton Street is also home to a lot of locally owned shops that make Broughton Street unique. My favorite locally owned shops on Broughton are Civvies New and Recycled clothing ( 14 e Broughton Savannah, Georgia) and Savannah’s underground market (201 w Broughton st Savannah, Georgia).

Walking around

Savannah is a beautiful city with a lot to offer. Having fun in Savannah can be as simple as walking around looking at all of the gorgeous architecture of the historic mansions and buildings. Walk around and Explore all of Savannah’s famous Squares. You never know what you could find by just roaming around! 

Savannah offers a wide variety of attractions and is a great place for everyone! No matter what your interests are you will be able to find something fun in Savannah!

Coffee shops:

Foxy Loxy Cafe 

The Foxy Loxy is a coffee shop/ Mexican cantina with A very neat atmosphere. It’s a lot of fun to walk around and look at the eclectic decor, and all of the neat art work.  Some of our favorite things on the menu include the horchata late, “the eye opener”(The eye opener is a signature drink served by The Foxy Loxy, it is a nitro stout with a double shot of espresso), and the churro muffin. 

( 1919 Bull St Savannah, Georgia)

The coffee Fox:

It is located on Broughton Street (the same street as our wedding venue, only a few blocks over). The decor inside The coffee Shop is really neat to look at, and the coffee is really great.

( 102 W Broughton St Savannah, Georgia)

Perc coffee roasters:

Although Perc is a little bit of a hike from the historic district, perc is definitely worth checking out! They work with ethical farmers and source out coffee beans seasonal to ensure great quality! 

( 1802 E Broad St Savannah, Georgia) 


Savannah is home to many great bars, and even has open container laws! So don’t forget to ask for a drink to go! 


 “Artillery” is located where the Georgia Hussars’ armory once housed the cavalry’s artillery. The architecture as well as the interior and decor respects the late 19th century eclecticism, but with a modern twist. Although the building has been restored, Artillery’s decor includes subtle references to the history of the site. At Artillery mixologists serve craft and curated cocktails , as well as beer and wine.

(307 Bull Street Savannah, Georgia)

Abe’s on Lincoln:

Although Abe’s on Lincoln has had many names over the years, it is Georgia’s oldest continually ran bar. It is more of a dive bar but has a really neat atmosphere. It is favored among Savannah’s locals. It  offers a combination of what defines Savannah: history, art, and drinking. Don’t forget to look around at the napkin art! 

(17 Lincoln St Savannah, Georgia)

The Original Pinkie Masters:

The Original Pinkie Masters was ranked the third best dive bar in the south by Southern living in 2013. It is known for having extremely cheap drinks and is referred to as “the Vortex of Savannah”. It opened in 1951 and is apparently where Jimmy Carter drunkenly announced his candidacy for President of the United States while on top of the bar. He is known to have been friends with the original owner. 

(318 Drayton St Savannah, Georgia) 

Molly MacPherson’s:

Molly MacPherson’s is located in Downtown Savannah’s city market. It’s a Scottish pub that serves drinks and food. It is rumored to be haunted by a “prankster” ghost.

( 311 w Congress st Savannah, Georgia)

Other popular bars in Savannah include:

Dubs pub (sports bar and arcade)

225 W River St, Savannah, Georgia night 

Rocks on the River (rooftop bar)

102 w bay st Savannah,Georgia 

The Wormhole (best known for it’s local live music)

2307 BULL ST SAVANNAH, Georgia 

The Portal (arcade bar)

408 w Broughton st Savannah ,Georgia 

Alley Cats Lounge (speakeasy) 

207 w Broughton Ln Savannah, Georgia 


The ordinary pub:

The ordinary pub is located in an underground basement. It is our favorite place for brunch in Savannah.  They have the best mimosa deal in the entire city, ($12 bottomless mimosas) and even give you a “togosa” when you leave!

Some of my favorite items on the menu are:

The avocado shrimp and nan brunch flatbread, the brunch mussels, the bacon brunch bowl and the pork belly donut sliders.

( 217 w Broughton Savannah, Georgia)

Treylor Park:

Treylor Park is another really cool place in Savannah! It has really unique decor with indoor and outdoor seating areas. They offer an eclectic menu offering a unique twist on southern comfort food. They also serve fun drinks! Some of my favorite items are the crab cake sliders, and the chicken pancake tacos.

(115 e bay st Savannah, Georgia)


Owned by the same people as Treylor Park, Hitch is another restaurant with a vibrant interior, offering an eclectic twist on southern comfort food. Some of my favorite items on the menu are the cheese steak egg rolls, and the chicken wings.

(300 Drayton St. Savannah, Georgia)

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